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READY STOCK 🔥 Fishing Rod Holder DIY for Inflatable Boat (IB) Free Glue Full set Heavy Duty HIDER RIVIX

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Fishing Rod Holder
DIY at home, as easy as 1,2,3
1. Wipe off the dirt on the area you would want to stick the rod holder on.
2. Measure the base of the rod holder on your inflatable boat surface, can draw a line according to the size of the rod holder base.
3. Use the provided glue to wipe it on the surface of the inflatable boat along and inside the line,
just thin surface of glue is enough.
4. do the same to the base of the rod holder. BUT DO NOT STICK IT YET.
5. wait 2-4 minutes for both surface to dry.
6. Use a hairdryer to heat up both surface.
7. Stick the base of rod holder with inflatable boat.
8. Can use heavy item to put on top of the rod holder base, and leave it for 24 hours for the best result.
Please avoid using it in 18hours.

Any doubts, please contacts : 019-4776980

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